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It's been over a year since I posted on this blog, it feels like decades ago and I miss spending time just sitting down and writing how I feel on a blog post. Last year I got a bit caught up in my GCSEs and the work I had to do which is why I began to stop posting. I've now started my A-Levels, and I know they are harder and a lot more work, but I feel like I will be able to keep this going for longer this time now that I've learnt from previous experiences.

As I said, I've started College now and to be honest, I'm really enjoying it. I get to do subjects I've chosen to do and do things that I enjoy. I chose to do Geography, Maths and Economics at A-Level and so far all of them have been really good. Not many people from my secondary school went on to the same college as me and, as much as I miss my old friends, I'm really enjoying meeting new people and doing new things, it's been an eye-opener and I believe I've made the right decision on which college and which courses.

I turned 17 last Tuesday! I can't really believe that I was 13 when I started this blog, that's four whole years! I've applied for my provisional driving license and have started to learn things for my Theory Test, I'm so excited to learn to drive and it will be so much easier when I can drive myself everywhere without having to drag my parents out to take me places. I had a good day on my birthday, we finished early at college so my friends and I went and got domino's and just chilled out for a bit. Afterwards, I went home and met up with a few friends from my secondary school, which was lovely as I hadn't seen them in ages.

It's half term right now, and I'm currently sat huddled by the radiator writing this post and I'm honestly so cosy. Autumn is my favourite time of year and I've been drinking so many hot chocolates and wearing so many scarves, I'm loving it. I bought some cute pumpkins the other day to decorate my room and I have some really good smelling candles to burn for this season, what more can you want?

Hopefully I'll manage to keep this blog going so please stick around with me as I do so. Also, you've probably noticed that I've changed around the name and design of my blog slightly, I just think it's slightly more sophisticated than what it used to be and I much prefer it. My previous design was getting a bit old, so this is like a new beginning if you will.

Alice Rose x


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