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I'm currently sitting on a sun lounger in roughly 30 degree heat and I'm loving it. We had to come on a pretty long trek to get here though, 8 hours one day 5 hours the next, but it's worth it, the south of France is beautiful. I thought I would share a few of my essentials that I packed as it might help some of you if you're gong away this summer.

My first essential is a packet of makeup wipes, I don't think I could go on a long journey without having the option to take my makeup off. There's a point when you can just feel it on your face and it bothers you so much that you just have to take it off. Also there's really no point taking any proper makeup removing cream or serum that you may use because you're in a car and you're not going to be able to wash your face any time soon. A packet of normal wipes or hand sanitiser can also come in handy as you never know when you're going to find yourself in a toilet block with no soap.

Headphones and earphones are a must. I always take both with me because after a while headphones begin to hurt my ears, presumably because they're being pushed on for such a long period of time, and I pretty much always listen to music. Earphones are always a good option when my ears begin to hurt.

I know this may not be for everyone, but a good book is always a good idea. Personally I can't read books in cars as it makes me feel travel sick, but for those of you who do, a good book is a really easy way pass time on a boring part of a journey.

Essential makeup items (e.g. powder, mascara) are good to keep at hand when going on a long journey, whether you're face gets shiny or you manage to smudge your mascara sleeping in the car, makeup essentials can always clear up any mishap you may have.

A Phone or iPod is quite an obvious one. Whether it's for listening to music, playing games or watching films, it's always a good time filler. A phone is also kind of necessary incase anything happens to either you or your car on your travels (although I'm pretty sure everyone carries a phone around anyway, it's the 21st century).

Sunglasses are good incase you hit any sun, especially if you're driving. Although to be honest if your travelling in the UK we don't get much sun here anyway. (Despite that sunglasses are always great for taking selfies in.)

Without a charging cable I'm pretty sure I wouldn't survive any car journey. My phone is quite old and the battery life isn't great, so I'm always needing to charge it up. Of course you need the correct equipment in your car to do this but it's not expensive and really worth while doing.

I need hair bobbles for the same reason I need makeup wipes. When I'm hot and sticky there's nothing worse than having my hair in my face. You can just tie your hair away and relax without those little things irritating you (which always seems to happen to me on car journeys.)

If you are going away, I hope you have a lovely time and if you've already been, I hope it was amazing! If you're not going anyway, seriously just use your time to relax or go out and have fun, enjoy your summer!

Where are you going/have been this summer?
How is you summer so far?

Thanks, Alice Rose x

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  1. I usually just fall asleep in car journeys, for some reason no matter how long the journey they either make me exhausted or incredibly travel sick. I always have to make sure I have headphones though because the radio can just be such a disappointment sometimes. I also take makeup wipes because if I'm on the way back from somewhere I know I'll want to take off my makeup. I wish I could read in the car, it would make journeys so much more enjoyable, but alas I was not built for that x

    1. Reading in the car would be great to be able to do, but I'm in the same boat as you, I wasn't built for that!
      Alice x


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