Current Tunes

Stitches By Shawn Mendes - I'm a bit late with this one seeing as it came out earlier this year, but this song has been on repeat for the longest time and I'm still not bored of it. I'm even listening to this right now. I've listened to him before but I've never really liked his voice, yet this song makes me want to dance and has definitely changed my opinion of him.

Future Hearts by All Time Low - I have to include this whole album purely because I can't pick one song. I never buy CDs, ask anyone who knows me, but I actually went out and bought this one, that's how good it is. All Time Low are generally known for Pop Punk music, but on this album I'm pretty certain there's something for everyone.

Stolen Dance by Milky Chance - I had never heard of these guys before until last week when my friend played this song to me. I'm not too keen on their other songs, but this one has a really upbeat chorus that you can't help but tap your feet too.

Tokyo - Vampires and Wolves by The Wombats - This song makes me want to dance every time I hear it. When I need cheering up this is definitely a song I go to. I've liked The Wombats for a little while now, and although I don't like every song they make, when I like one I end up loving it.

Empty Gold by Halsey - I had heard of Halsey quite a while before I actually began to listen to her music properly. My friends told me to listen to her and I'm not going to lie I enjoyed her music a lot more than I thought I would. Empty Gold and Ghost are my current favourites.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Who's your favourite artist?

Thanks, Alice Rose x

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