My New Instagram

How long has it been? A month? More? I've lost track of time so much over the past two months that I completely forgot to write anything to post. I had a mock week a while back which I had to revise for, which was followed by parents evening and then french exchange. I then had two weeks to get back on track with school work before I then went to France on the second part of the exchange. I got back last Thursday and here I am 4 days later. It's been one heck of a month.

No matter how busy I've been, I want to get back into blogging again. This is the last half term before summer, and I don't have any big exams coming up, so I feel like now is the time to get back into the swing of things. I should be posting weekly (don't take my word for it) or more. 

I've made a new Instagram account for my blog, where you can follow me if you want and keep up with what I'm doing. I'll also notify you of new blog posts on there too. If it goes well I might start up some other social media but I'll stick with Instagram for now, because who doesn't love it?

What have you been doing?
Are you doing any exams at the moment?

Thanks, Alice Rose x

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